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Being able to use plant medicine to your advantage sounds at first a but fishy. But when you think about it, plants were around long before any tablets, creams, salves, or pills were available. You know? I mean, using the aloe’s gel is something which is common practice, and rightly so.

So, why not use other kinds of plants and vegetation to better organize the body, regulate bowel movements, and prevent disease. I feel that plant medicine is a lot less about reaction, and a lot more about prevention. Or so it was with me and my experience. If something is wrong, I will get it looked at by a medical doctor, but I won’t necessarily go to the drugstore and immediately buy anything my MD prescribes. My doc knows this already about me, so he makes sure to let me know of any natural options he knows of.

Plant medicine is a lot more than medical marijuana, people. Now, make no mistake. I am a big fan of herbal refreshments for the mind and body, and marijuana is on that list. But I feel that if I had to choose a specific plant, I would probably go with tea tree or eucalyptus. Both of those, by the way, come from Australia. Anyway…

Using plants as medicine, this is what mainstream medicine was like for thousands of years before science came into the picture. I mean, at one point the shamans and other medicine men had their stuff down. They knew so much, and had a traditional way of treating various maladies.

Modern medicine is now considered to be the best. And yeah, there are tons of advantages to western medicine as we know it. But even the best doctors and researchers will agree that in some cases, it can be said that we have barely begun to scratch the surface of the deeper issues, etc.

And this is not just about being healthy and happy – although it is a big part of it – it is about giving the body what it needs. And nature is undoubtedly a big part of what keeps us going, whether we are aware of it or not. Can we survive without encountering nature? Sure. Some people go from one building to the other. From one closed space to another. They barely encounter anything. And that is not for me, I tell me. I knew I needed plants in my life, and not just inside a pot, or in the form of pot. Check out Maple Holistics for great articles and even better products.

I use essential oils of all kinds, on a daily basis. And I also get free samples shipped to me sometimes, in exchange for a review. I have faith in companies which have faith in their products. What they ask for, more often than not, is an honest review. And this is something I can definitely get behind. I believe that when you present the customer with your product, you let them make the decision. You know? And this is pretty cool.

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