Vitamins And Minerals

There is no actual way to prove that medicine is a bona fide field! How crazy is that? Okay, that’s not true…but it makes you think…what if medicine had evolved differently – or science had been the most popular form of employment on Earth? An entire planet full of highly enlightened, clinical people who acted only under the rules of reason and dressed in nothing by white coats and wore natural felt socks and bamboo thread underwear. Great stuff.

But that’s not the case and instead we’re driven by businessmen who seek to gain profit from practically every-single aspect of life. A sad, deformation of the divine works of art that we really are – bacteria included. As a matter of fact, looking at recent studies of phytonutrient reactions in chemically induced states of drowsiness has found that by sprinkling a few drops of lemongrass, lemon, orange or eucalyptus essential oil on a person’s right cheek has the ability to cause massive fluctuations in the pineal gland and shake off all the chalk sediments that gather around the gland and prevent our conscious streams from flowing into the great sea of minds or the ID (the unconscious).

My manager has just tapped me on the shoulder and informed me that I should focus on natural products and not ramble about medicinal treatments for our weakened state of consciousness – so I said ‘Tha’s cool’ and carried on typing.

Which leads to bacteria. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria – just like there are good movies and bad movies. Some are bad, but we enjoy them in moderate amounts – others are good and we don’t get enough of them (pineal gland chalkiness hey). Changing the amount of Vitamins and Minerals that you consume can also help you to choose better DVD’s when you’re renting – if you still rent and can also raise the level of probiotics in your immune system – helping you to rid yourself of any infections or toxins that may linger in your body and not pay rent. You are your own landlord after all. By using essential oils (which are concentrated extracts of plant matter) in a diffuser or an oil burner – you can eliminate any pesky insects from your home (or keep them away) without having to build a wall. Essential oils are a natural pest repellent and will also keep old people away and annoying in-laws. is the best possible place you can go to if you are looking for great organic products.

I think our future is dependent on making minor changes in our everyday life that really don’t take that much effort and can actually save you money, while increasing your general levels of health as well. By clearing your blood of any toxins with antioxidants, you save yourself the trouble of having to perform bloodletting on a regular basis and can avoid an alternative medicinal practices you wouldn’t recommend to a friend. Laughing is the best medicine they say, so I recommend using natural products whilst watching lots of Adam Sandler films. They will make you feel better about yourself and put you to sleep too. Serotonin is a great way to restore your body’s natural hormonal balance and keep you feeling happier and more at peace with yourself.

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