There are many different ways in which one would go about looking after a horse. I used to watch this TV show that was all about horses and horse therapy. I was super into it. I thought that the horse therapist was so cool. She was

this girl whose mother died in a car crash after they were rescuing this horse in the rain. After her mother, who was a horse whisperer, died she never really recovers and she tries to take over her mom’s job. People had already brought in horses to get therapy and they needed the money so she tries to do what she can to help the horses. At first it’s really difficult for her because she’s not her mother but soon she realizes that she can actually do it. There’s an amazing moment where she turns around, with her back on the horse, about to give up, and the horse comes up behind her. He’s totally trained and in tune to her it’s so cool to watch. They really do understand humans on an almost cellular level.


She gets really into the horse and her grandfather hires this guy to help around the farm. He’s called Ty and he eventually ends up marrying Amy. They have a kid together but that’s only in season 10 so you have to watch quite a few episodes until you get that far. There are other storylines going on in the meantime and some horses die along the way. The horses are just so cool in the sense that Amy really understands them and is able to speak to them and their needs. It starts out that in each episode there is a different horse that went through different traumas and she has to figure out how to heal them in a way that speaks to them. This often leads to a lot of tension and there’s other dramas going on meanwhile which just builds up the tension.

There’s another guy that really likes Amy but he’s a bit of a player throughout the whole series. There is one point where he marries Ashley but he doesn’t treat her right because he’s depressed about the fact that he got injured on the rodeo. That was a really dramatic episode when he got injured. It’s not surprising though, you have to be pretty reckless to go on a rodeo show and he was in a bad state to be competing as it was. He needed the money.


Amy starts teaching other people how to do horse therapy and how to understand their horses. There’s different methods to use and people love knowing how to tame their horses. She has to deal with a lot of bratty people though because people don’t take her seriously due to the fact that she’s so young. This can sometimes offend her, because she’s really good and it’s frustrating to have to keep proving it.

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